Monday, 27 June 2011

Masahiro Suzuki - Wondazloop

This actually came out on Friday, but what the hey.... it's not like I've been exactly bang on-the-ball with releases for the past few weeks, is it? Got a working computer again now though so hopefully that'll change!

Wondazloop is the latest release on the reborn Black Vinyl label and comes from the boss of Tokyo's DMR Imports record shop (it says here). It features sampled spoken word vox from the US civil rights era (I think), a cheeky Nightwriters sample, and a little dash of jazz thrown in for good measure. There's a lot going on over its five minutes 54 seconds, but it's good. On the B, Red Criola is a more uptempo, jaunty, jazzy, piano-led affair made for moving booties on dancefloors of the cheese-free variety. It's also got hints of Afro percussion... but not in a horribly noodly way.

Good to see BV back and doing what they do best: delivering underground bombs with scant regard for fashion, trends or all the other bullshit that goes with this industry.

Out: Now (but only for three days)

About: Black Vinyl are now based in sunny Antigua, don'tchaknow? Here's their new Facebook page which seems to be their primary cyberhome at the mo'.

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