Wednesday, 11 May 2011

Poussez - Discuits

Poussez DiscuitsRight, I'm breaking all my own rules here cos strictly speaking this came in way too late. But for reasons I won't go into it's gonna get some TIWWD love anyway. And it is a very good record.

Just super-quickly, then... Big City Burning Rubber is a slow-groovin' affair with an Italo, and at times slightly 8-bit feel... Kyoto Electrics is straight-up dancefloor deep house out of the top drawer... Lost Childhood is another chilled, synthy nu-disco number... Marvin In The Disco is somewhere between deep house and nu-disco with a little bit of acid and a sampled vocal thrown in... and Discuits itself is a KILLER nu-disco-ISH slow jam with a female vocal that doesn't half sound like Kate Bush, but almost certainly isn't it.

Whether it's nu-disco, deep house or just generally chilled electronica that you're after, then, this EP is well worth checking. Even if it is nearly three weeks old.

Out: April 19!!!! But hey.

About: This is on Champion Standard for once, not the Poussez boys' own Artizan Music. Find 'em online here.

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