Wednesday, 11 May 2011

Geshe Ewing - Rose-Tinted

Geshe Ewing Rose-TintedRight, you all know how much I love Smiley Fingers by now. So much so it's embarrassing. But this latest release does nothing to change my mind.

Rose-Tinted itself is a proper heads' number, an uber-deep groover with pads galore but kicks and hi-hats that are driving enough for the floor at the same time. It doesn't 'do' huge amounts so if you need big cheesy builds and drops look elsewhere, if you're in love with grown-up, groovy house music you'll love it. End of.

On the B, Mr Ewing expresses his own love of house with another deeper-than-deep affair, this time with a heavily-treated spoken vocal that I thought at first was saying, "cellophane house" but eventually realised says, "I just say I play house: tech, tribal, deep, minimal"....

Well, here's to that, and here's to this tune (oh, which is in fact called I Play House by the way!) cos it really is a little cracker.

Out: This week

About: I told you before, I sleep on Smiley Fingers pillowcases, what can I say? Here's their website.

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