Friday, 13 May 2011

Alex Kennon - 3 Days 2 Hours

alex kennon 3 days 2 hoursA pretty fine slab of tech-house here courtesy of Mr Kennon, about whom I know precisely nothing. Hell it could even be Ms Kennon for all I know. Oh no hang on, look - here's his Soundcloud. He's definitely a he, and he comes from Italy. There you go, I've learned something. Every day's a school day, eh?

If you clicked that link you've probably HEARD THIS by now already, and if you didn't click that link, you probably now will I've said that. So anything I say about the rolling beats and chopped-up vocals of 2 Hours, or the slightly more garage-y, soulful vocalled feel on 3 Days will be entirely superfluous now, won't it? Oops.

What shall we talk about instead? Erm, I just had a really nice piece of millionnaire's shortbread, if you're interested. But you're probably not.

Out: This week

About: I'd bought it yesterday in Greggs and forgot to eat it, y'see, so I stuck it in the biscuit tin when I got home and forgot about it. And then I was a bit peckish tonight and I thought, I don't THINK there are any biscuits, but I'll just have a look... and there it was.

Oh no, sorry, we've already ascertained you're not interested in the shortbread, haven't we? So yeah, about the label, this is on UK imprint Wired Music, for whom the only website I can find is their MySpace.

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