Tuesday, 31 May 2011

More cowbell!

Once more I find myself apologising for the lack of blog action lately… this is partly due to just generally being stupidly busy, and partly due to someone in the house music industry pissing me right off and making me think, why the hell do I bother giving up my spare time to review music for nothing, just so that people can whine about minor inaccuracies in otherwise glowing reviews?

But as we've got a new follower today I kinda felt it was time to get the ball rolling again. Rather than a record review, though, gonna kick off the week with something a little bit different… here's a website that lets you add 'more cowbell' to any record of your choice, and – as if that wasn't enough – more Christopher Walken, too. Both variables being controlled by a continuous slider from 0-100% for max tweakability (putting that bit in for all the studio boffins, lest anyone get the idea this was in any way a frivolous posting).

Here's the link… enjoy!

PS If anyone ever writes about this blog, bigs it up, posts a link, whatever... you can spell my name wrong, say I'm based in Christchurch, NZ instead of Bristol, whatever... basically feel free to make mistakes, and I'll appreciate the effort you've made anyway. I won't grumble about it in public and make you look a twat... if only record labels felt the same way, eh?

PPS To those labels/artists/PRs who sometimes post ADDITIONAL information as comments here... that is very helpful and this rant is not aimed at you!

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