Friday, 6 May 2011

Ping Trace - A Forest

Ping Trace A ForestSorry peeps, just realised it's been over a week AGAIN... where do the days go? In clashing magazine deadlines and camping weekends and buying secondhand computers that don't ruddy well WORK, that's where they go. Well, in this case it was.

Anyway still tearing-hair-out busy but couldn't leave you any longer or you'd think I didn't love you any more, and anyway it'd mean overlooking this, which is a very contemporary-sounding piece of post-triphop, post-prog, post-chillout, fuckitidontknow-post-manbloodypat electronica that also just happens to be, if you hadn't guessed, a cover of the classic by The Cure. Sung by a girl in a slightly breathy, torch-y style, but not in a horribly 'knowing' ironic kinda way, it's just how they do.

And it's moody and kinda sexy and just generally ace, so there. Go seek. There are four mixes but I'm back off to climbing my download mountain now... a WhyWeDancer's work is never done...

Out: This week

About: This is US label Terraform Records, and Ping Trace are from Denver. That much the hype sheet tells me, to find out more you can visit their website

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