Monday, 23 May 2011

Hollen - Motion/Groove Man

Hollen MotionRight, I am so f***ing busy with proper work at the moment that it is making me want to run away and cry. That not really being an option, I'd best get on with… but I didn't want to neglect you, my beloved TIWWD faithful entirely.

So I thought, what can I review quite quickly? And I thought, I know, this… cos there's just the two tracks y'see. Motion is nice and easy to talk about cos it's yer basic rolling, slightly housey techno, but GOOD rolling techno you understand, you could even call it tech-house if you were in a pushing-it kinda mood. And then Groove Man is, well, pretty much more of the same.

So yeah, two tracks of good rolling dancefloor techno. And it's out tomorrow. Job done.

Out: Tomorrow (24 May) but only on Beatport. Other stores from 21 June.

About: Hollen has had stuff out before on Kling Klong and counts Richie Hawtin and Martin Eyere among his supporters. This comes atcha on UK label Dirty Deluxe Recordings. Here's their website, and you can also find 'em on Soundcloud where you can currently HEAR THIS.

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