Wednesday, 25 May 2011

Goulet - The Spins

Goulet The SpinsFunny how things change… I never thought I'd get sent a house record and find that my favourite mix was the "bassy tech-fidget" one. But such is the case with this.

The mix in question comes from Lee Jarvis, and it's definitely my pick of five rubs of The Spins on offer. Although a) I wouldn't have used the f***** word myself, I'd have just called it deep, techy house and b) Roy Davis Jr's spaced-out, organ-led pass ain't half bad either.

The other mixes come from JT Donaldson and Justin Reed (plus of course Goulet's original), and you also get bonus cut Extra Long Polo thrown in, which is a kind of wiggy slap-bass and Rhodes workout over a deep house backdrop.

Anyway, with six tracks to choose from, you're gonna find something to play, so check it. This is straight from the Chi-town underground, people, just the way we like it!

Out: Tomorrow

About: Like I said, this is from Chicago where the Revolutionary Music crew have, I'm reliably informed, been putting on loft parties for some years now. This is the 25th release on the resulting record label.

Oh yeah, and I should probably tell you Goulet is originally from San Antonio in Texas, and is one of the Revolutionary Music co-founders. Sorry, I know this review's a bit lacklustre, but I've got toothache and a million things to do.


  1. Thanks for the review. For the record, Goulet is not a co-founder of Revolutionary Music. Although he is a valued member of the team. He performs live as part of Bryan Ford & Goulet. Bryan Ford is the co-founder. Also, he lives in San Antonio, but he is from Colorado. He lived in here in Chicago before moving south.

    Everything else is correct.

    Jeremiah Seraphine

  2. Thank you Jeremiah, I am mightily relieved that the rest of it came up to your standards!