Monday, 16 May 2011

Lauer & Canard - Doo Wop

Gonna kick off the week with this one for surprise value alone! Hed Kandi take a lot of flak for peddling the more commercial/cheesy end of house music… which, to be fair, is pretty much what they do. But this latest offering from Lauer & Canard is actually all right, y'know.

It's still a bit 'big room', sure, and it's not exactly groundbreaking or anything. But with parping sax, scat vox and driving beats, it's an acceptable slab of jazzed-up, driving house all the same. You probably still wouldn't catch Phil Asher playing it… but someone like Tom Middleton or Norman Jay might.

Compared to most of Hed Kandi's output in recent years, like I said, it's quite a pleasant surprise.

Out: This week. Wednesday, to be precise.

About: If you're not in the UK I guess you might not know who Hed Kandi are so here's a link, just in the interests of impartiality and that.

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