Saturday, 14 May 2011

Bluey - Synthetic Circles

Bluey Synthetic CirclesJust got this this morning but it's out already so might as well get it blogged straight away...

Not got massive amounts to say about Synthetic Circles, it's just a lush slice of deep D&B that sits somewhere between minimal and liquid funk, yet has enough going on in the way of firing (renegade) snares going on in the background to mean it never sounds wimpy. Just a little hint of old skool jungle vibes as well. Me like. On the B, Sophisicated Love is even better, a proper deep n' dreamy late night affair with sampled movie vox of some posh woman getting all lovelorna and sigh-y. The kind of thing you should play to girls who think they don't like drum & bass!

Out: This week so it's still fresh fresh fresh...

About: Bluey is UK chaperoonie Michael Affleck, presumably no relation to Ben and definitely not the guy that used to be in Incognito, and this is coming atcha on Canadian label Plush Recordings, who can be found online here.

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