Tuesday, 10 May 2011

Franco Cinelli - Planet Dub EP

Franco Cinelli Planet Dub EPAnother winner from D'Julz's Bass Culture stable here, this time courtesy of Argentina's Franco Cinelli.

Four tracks in all, and you're looking at something that sits right on the house/techno border… and is deep and dubby, without being 'deep, dubby techno', if you see what I mean! IE, it's not like we're in Basic Channel territory or anything, these are just deep, heads-down grooves made for extended sets that take you through those hours between midnight and sun-up. And there's nothing wrong with that, now is there?

Home flips the script a little, being at touch more house-y and funkified… but only a touch. Still, while this latest isn't perhaps as much a must-have as other Bass Culture releases to date, it's nonetheless pretty damn good.

Out: This week, according to the promo I was sent. Or since April 12, according to the Bass Culture website. Not sure what happened there, then...

About: You can HEAR THIS and check out the rest of the Bass Culture catalogue at their Soundcloud page. And here's the website I was telling you about.

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