Saturday, 6 June 2009

Purple Music - Master Collection 6

This is worth the price of admission for Christian Hornbostel & Alfred Azzetto's Paradise Garage tribute 84 King St alone, a housified disco romp which comes on like a 1000 Finger Man or Disco Juice for the noughties. Which means that having another 19 upfront soulful/funky/disco house nuggets to play with on top of that – presented unmixed in a lavish two-disc package – is somewhat of a Brucie bonus.

As more astute readers will have worked out, this is the sixth in the Master Collection series, which showcases the output of Switzerland's ever-reliable Purple Music stable. If you dig more trad-style disco house/US garage, then Purple is one of Europe's most dependable labels. The vibes are pretty much always vocal and uplifting, with the emphasis on full-pelt peak-time belters, and this album, compiled by label stalwart Jamie Lewis, is no exception. 

What else… some names? How do Michael Watford, Studio Apartment feat Mr V and the mighty Cerrone grab ya? Oh yeah, and there's a couple of covers, of D-Train's You're The One For Me (by Roberto De Carlo) and Joe Smooth's Promised Land (by The Collective), that thankfully manage to disgrace neither the originals nor themselves and that will guarantee maximum club grinnage. 

Once again, we're in Unashamed Disco Dolly™ territory here… chin-strokers will want to look elsewhere, but for sheer joyous vocal house dancefloor action, you won't find a better album than this this month.

Hear it: there's audio samples at the Black Market webstore

About the label: er, which one? Cos this showcases the work of Purple Music, but it's actually out through Germany's Clubstar, who I've raved about before on here and whose website seems to be out of action today so check their MySpace for now. Suffice to say they're two of  Europe's best labels for us UDDs…

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