Thursday, 11 June 2009

Divas of Color - One More Time

How on earth this managed to slip through the iDJ reviews net I don't know, cos One More Time by Divas Of Color feat Evelyn 'Champagne' King is just about a freakin' PERFECT record

Because I am Really Quite Old Now, I can recall seeing Ms King on chat shows and such when I was a nine-year-old disco fan growing up in New Jersey… here she is 30 years later and still absolutely kicking ass. What can I say? In terms of the vocal stylings, this reminds me quite a lot of the ace It Doesn't Matter by Shay Jones (Maxi, 1996), except that's a bit cart-before-horse, like saying Aretha reminds you of Joss Stone or something*...

Anyway, yeah: super-crisp gar-ahhhge beats, warbling organs and a legendary pair of disco tonsils getting a serious workout on top… musically it doesn't really get any better than that for me. Er, except then you get to the Dub, and arguably it does (I can't quite decide, but big up Mr Sean McCabe anyway, who's behind the boards on both mixes promo'ed).

About the label: All hail the mighty King Street, some 15+ years young and still one of the best gosh-darned house labels in the world as long as they keep putting out stuff like this. Which, incidentally, is out now digitally, but you'll have to wait till July for the vinyl.

*Not quite as bad as that though

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