Saturday, 6 June 2009

Namito - Eleven

Right then, Berlin, centre of the bleedin' universe yada yada yawn… as we all know, the Germans have recently rediscovered house music and suddenly house is flavour of the month again. 

I have mixed feelings about this. On the one hand, it's like: yes, Fritz, house music is just BETTER. I've been telling you that for years and was groovin' with Sneak* while you were still down at fucking Tresor, or something. But you wouldn't listen. On the plus side though,  after years of drowning in a sea of their tedious minimal techno there's this whole new school of post-minimal deep house and some of it's really rather good. 

Enter Namito, who's actually from Tehran originally but grew up in Berlin. This album is a good example of the kind of post-minimal deep I was on about, except it's actually a bit less 'post-minimal' and a bit more just straight-up house, really. There's a definite Chicago feel to a lot of the percussion, with those crisp, crisp snares that hark back to the Cajual/Relief days, and there's a definite funkiness to it all as well. Good work Iranian chap. Could maybe have done with the odd vocal to break things up but who am I to say? It's still a pretty damn solid 74 minutes (or whatever it is) of jackin' dancefloor business. Me like.

If you dig this, the new DJ T album is also worth checking, but you'll have to buy the July issue of iDJ to read about that one.

*I say Sneak cos now all the minimal kiddies love him cos Ricardo Villalobos says so. 

About the label: I'd always kind of written off Kling Klong in my head as a bit of a 'trendy German techno' stable but with the current climate the way it is, they've been doing some good stuff lately, so I might have to reassess. Kling Klong is an offshoot of Great Stuff and is run by Martin Eyerer, and if you click HERE you'll find links to learn more about all three.

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