Saturday, 6 June 2009

Physics - Live Sessions

From live nu-funk (see Speedometer review below), of which there's no shortage, to live deep jazz-house which is a slightly rarer beast! Physics have been around for several years now and indeed this live recording from Stockholm's Hotel Lydmare, dates from 2003.

Physics are primarily associated with Deeplay (see below), but their second album Influences came out on Seamless and they've also had 12"s out on several other quality labels, including Large, Sub-Urban and Swing City. Oh yeah, and Mikael Surdi and Torbjörn Olsson (for tis they) also record as Neoelectrique and had an album out under that moniker on the excellent Little Angel.

Musically, then, this sits somewhere between deep, soulful house and more traditional soul-jazz/jazz-funk... with the emphasis on jazz, daddio. There are a couple of tracks on this album that haven't been released as studio recordings, and there are also versions of my personal two Physics faves, Don't Deny My Love (which is a bit of a highlight) and Flyin' Away, not to mention their other standard, the samba-ish The Most Beautiful Boy In Brazil which I believe has cropped up on various compilations.

If you don't already own a copy of Physics' debut album First Flight, I'd suggest you remedy such foolishness forthwith. That remains their most essential release but this is pretty damn ace and dandy all the same.

About the label: This album comes at you on Deeplay, which is probably Sweden's best deep house label. It's run by Martin Brodin who's been a busy lad as a producer in his own right lately (check current single 'Deep Shit', for one). I could be wrong but they seem to be concentrating more on the more electronic Deeplay Soultec imprint at the moment.

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