Sunday, 7 June 2009

Bernard Jones ft Aren B – Don't You Wish

Actually this is Don't You Wish (Part 2) but part one seems to have slipped by me… anyway, if you can cast your mind back to the late 90s, when UK garage reigned supreme, well, that kind of near-falsetto male vocal à la Craig David/Artful Dodger/etc is what you get from Aren B here. And that's not meant as a diss! 

Mixes come from Nick Dare, Peckos and Paul Hardy, with the latter's vocal and instrumental rubs my pick for their tuff, bouncy beats and squelchy synths. Hardy's a new name to me but he's apparently a 2020Vision studio boffin who's had releases out on 2020, dotbleep and his own Baker Street Recordings. Oh, yeah, and this is OUT THIS WEEK, cat no LMDX011, and you can click here to find out where to get it.

About the label: Don't You Wish comes atcha on Lost My Dog. LMD are kind of, if not unsung then certainly undersung heroes of the UK deep house scene… they send me loads of stuff that often gets overlooked for iDJ cos it's on CD, so I'm gonna try and rectify that on this blog this month!

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