Sunday, 7 June 2009

Brown & Andrew Phelan - 'Gimme A Beat'

"Gimme a beat, you freaks!" The prolific duo of Brown & Phelan (see also recent releases Dusted Roots Vol 3 and, from Phelan & Origami, The Big Remix EP) deliver another very checkable deep house slab here. The Original Mix is the one for me, a proper bumper in that west coast/east Midlands kinda way. Ross Couch's two mixes are a touch techier – head for the Dub for some even bouncier dancefloor action. I'm less taken personally with the Fingermonsters' Remix but if you want it tuff and electrofied then that's where to heard.

Gimme A Beat is OUT THIS WEEK on Prismatic Tracks.

About the label: Prismatic Tracks is run by Andrew Phelan, who works at San Francisco's legendary Moulton Studios and has also had releases on Drop Music and So Sound, among others. Gimme A Beat is Prismatic's 15th release.

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