Tuesday, 9 June 2009

Manoo & Francois A

The hype sheet for this makes comparisons to both Kerri Chandler and Carl Craig, neither of which I'm sure is justified, but the Craig comparison is probably nearer the mark in that this has that sweeping, orchestral feel. But it's also a sight more proggy. Still, both tracks here could work for deep or prog jocks, with A-side Today Is Tomorrow being more of an uptempo, electronic cut and Souvenir a bit more atmospheric. They've both got 'mix CD opener' written all over them though, as opposed to 'dancefloor destroyer'.

It's out now and if you hit up the Buzzin' Fly website you can order limited edition vinyl

About the label:  Buzzin' Fly, as I'm sure you know, is Ben Watt's label and needs no introduction from me. Find them here

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