Saturday, 13 June 2009

Kikumoto Allstars - House Music

The German house music onslaught continues, although this is actually the work of an Australian, known to the taxman as Cam Farrar. And unlike a lot of the current 'house revival' coming out of Germany, this isn't some post-minimal deep house affair, just 12 tracks of straight-up Chi-town jackery. Ac-ieeeed! 

Yes, it sounds 20-25 years out of date. It's also just, y'know, ace. And with track titles like 'I'll Make You Jack', 'Jack The House', 'Last Train To Chi-Town' and 'Still Can't Stop The House', it's not like it's pretending to be anything other than what it is. Especially when Mr Farrar has named his outfit after the inventor of the TB-303 and TR-909! You can HEAR THE MUSIC for yourself at Kikumoto Allstars' MySpace 

About the label: It's on Berlin-based behemoth International Deejay Gigolo, who as I'm sure you know are better known for their techno and electro, but they've lately also been doing a fine line in retro acid house, as we see here. More on that soon.

Meanwhile, here's a list of offensive names to call Germans, just to balance out all the love they've been getting on TIWWD lately! :-)

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