Saturday, 15 December 2012

Desos – My Underground

Desos My Underground Frole Records
Bending the rules a bit here cos this came in late, but as it's on a label who haven't been in touch before now, and from the mighty Desos to boot, I'm prepared to make a rare exception!

It's a three-track EP. In its Original form, My Underground itself is an unhurried, classic-style deep house/deep garage affair, all shuffling percussion and pleasingly understated organs. A remix from Rio Padice pays homage to vintage Chi-town-style deep house, complete with throbbing 303 bassline, while completing the EP is Speach [sic], which is another slab of triplet-tastic Jersey bizniss with snatches of echo-ing sampled disco vox (but no speech as you might be expecting).

Brian Løgstrup AKA Desos seldom puts a foot wrong, to these ears. Same story here. Result.

Out: 27 November, but see above.

About: This comes on Frole Records, who are based in Naples, Italy and who are just eight releases old. Find out more by hitting them up on Soundcloud, on Facebook or at their own website.

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