Thursday, 23 April 2009

S-Groove – Lisbon Sunrise/NYC Haze

This is exactly the kind of thing this blog is for… a great record that just came in too late for inclusion in the house pages of iDJ. And that was last month, so it's certainly too late for this issue… but it's worth talking about all the same.

Forensic Records is always a label worth checking if you dig that kinda borderland between deep house and prog. Their stuff is generally quite dark and druggy and yes, a bit proggy, but also nice and chunky and funky – perfect eyes-wide-shut dancefloor tackle. This is no exception, though I've gotta say I'm feeling the drifty synths of 'Lisbon Sunrise' more than 'NYC Haze', which doesn't quite DO enough for me.

S-Groove, by the way, is a lad from Belfast called Sean Grieves, who had an earlier record also on Forensic called 'Feel Your Soul'. 

About the label: Forensic is run by Scott Bradford, a man I've had the pleasure of dealing with for, ooh, about 14 years now, since the days I edited a Manchester magazine called Metropolis and he was running what was then quite a new (but already quite successful) club night called Shindig. Actually I should stress it's not JUST Scott but he's the chap I deal with, and a very nice bloke he is too! Anyway, visit their website at 

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  1. Wasn't aware you know Scott!

    I used to work for him about ten years ago - doing the guestlist at Shindig whilst it was still at The Riverside/Foundation. Happy days!

    Sarah (Chapman) xx