Sunday, 26 April 2009

Larse - Caveman EP

A three-track EP from Germany's reliable Conya stable. All three cuts are deep house instrumentals, with the title track and Tonic being in late-night, sofa surfing mode*, which leaves it up to My Mind to rock the dancefloor. It's all good stuff, though all three tracks are more solid set-building tackle than out-and-out killers.

*or warm-up fodder, take yer pick

About the label: Conya is part of the Clubstar family out of Deutschland. Roughly speaking (and apologies to those that know) Clubstar tends to be where they put their more accessible stuff, Soulstar speaks for itself (and is my fave), Conya is where you'll find the more deep/druggy/proggy bizniss, and Little Angel turns out a series of sometimes remarkably good albums by artists you seldom hear of again. Have I got that about right Henri?! The label is owned by Italian deep house dons Harley & Muscle and is ALWAYS worth checking: start at whydon'tcha? And check the album by Defloristics, one of the best multi-genre (house, acid jazz, disco, chill out etc) albums of the past 10 years and CRUELLY overlooked!

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  1. Ha ha, some clarification from Henri Kohn @ Clubstar regarding the different labels

    "Conya is my baby and i am A&R'ing it. Clubstar i do together with Ufuk Kilic and Soulstar and Little Angel are A&R'd by Harley & Muscle but managed from our office here".

    So now you know. My observations on the music policies seems to have gone unchallenged so I guess we can assume it's about right!