Saturday, 25 April 2009

Claes Rosen - On My Own EP

Again, this is where this blog comes into its own cos there's no way I could have reviewed these three tracks on iDJ's house pages but they're certainly worthy of your attention. 

I don't even know how to describe Bored, Wonder and Generic Underclass... 'chilled electronica' would come closest I guess. Influences from house, sure, and a touch of the System 7s about 'Bored'... but you'd have to hear the music for yourself. It's post-club comedown/chill-out tackle, if you will, but I hate to describe music in those kinda terms cos it implies you need to have a skinful of illicit potions to enjoy it, whereas really this is just beautiful music that's melodic and dreamy and just nice to listen to. I wish when I was having acupuncture/cupping they'd piped this through the speakers instead of sub-Enya 'new age' drivel.

About the label: Stripped Recordings is a new-ish, UK imprint that I don't know a great deal about, I guess prog/tech/minimal/deep would be the obvious reference points. Can't find a website but here's a list of their releases so far at Discogs. Oh and here's Claes Rosen's MySpace as well.  The music there is more of his dancefloor bizniss but, well, think a chilled version of that and you'll get an idea of the On My Own EP.

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