Wednesday, 1 February 2012

John Collins - The Introspective EP

An aptly-titled release this one, with four tracks that (mostly) chug along at an unhurried, thoughtful kind of pace.

Freestylin' is the most obvious case of point, a melancholic, minor-key affair that sits somewhere between deep house and downtempo… think early St Germain and you'd not be a million miles off, in terms not just of the overall vibe but also of the impressive musical depth. Next, Alone is a more jazz-leaning offering that operates at a similarly unrushed tempo and uses big chunks of preacherman vocal.

Deep Inside picks up the pace just slightly and is a sultry, sexy number you could play equally well alongside nu-disco or deeper garage tracks, before finally we come to Roll With You (though technically it's actually the opening track, but never mind). This is the only track of the four to operate in more out-and-out dancefloor territory, being a dreamy, Balearic kinda thang working a yearnsome female vocal that older heads may notice nods to garage classics like Colourblind's Nothing Better or NY's Finest's Do You Feel Me.

All told, four varied tracks that'll appeal to deeper lovers of various persuasions.

Out: This week

About: This comes from Vision Collective Records, a new label (this is VCRD004) from Cork in Ireland, home also of course to the mighty Elevation. And Danny La Rue, or so Wikipedia tells me. Anyway, click the link for their website or find 'em on Facebook or Soundcloud.

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