Tuesday, 21 July 2009

Short Bus Kids - Shout Out EP

And speaking of people who are runnin' tings on the west coast right now (see below), along come those ker-razy Short Bus Kids with another superb EP that totally justifies the praise I've recently been lavishing on them in iDJ. I'm seldom wrong about these things, you know…

The EP kicks off with Shout Out, which uses a reggae/ragga-style vocal, something I've not heard on a deep house track for quite some time. It comes in two mixes, Underground and Club, the latter being a tad more percussive and probably workable for a broader range of jocks, though it's the former that does it for me. Then we get Yah Better Hurry, something of a curveball from the SBK's cos it's a breakbeat-driven number with a hip-hop vocal (albeit from the funkiest and least in-yer-face reaches of the breaks spectrum imaginable), before the EP comes to a close with Tony Montana, a deep house dancefloor romp with a discotheque sheen and samples from… well, I'm guessing you can imagine what film it samples. That's right. Holiday On The Buses*.

About the label: This is the 15th release on Bounce House Recordings, which is the SBKs' own label, and as reliable a source of rumpshakin' deep house as you'll find anywhere in Christendom right now, even if their sleeves are a bit rubbish. Show some love, peeps.

* I seem recently to have developed a morbid fascination with On The Buses. I always used to loathe it with a vengeance, but lately I can't help watching it. Even though it singularly fails to make me laugh, which in the normal run of things would be one of my foremost requirements from a 'comedy'. The whole situation's a bit odd, to be honest.

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